T1 Coaching Course

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Passionate Coaches

commit to lifelong learning

TOVO Academy is dedicated to changing the way we develop footballers. Our coaching courses are designed for passionate soccer coaches willing to invest in their own professional development.

Practical Courses

Put theory into action

Our coaching courses will address all components of our TOVO Methodology. Coaches will engage in classroom and on field sessions as active participants. We pride ourselves on offering dynamic and practical programs. Of course, training on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea manages to add a bit of fun and flavor to every course we offer.

“The TOVO Coaching Course is the highlight of my formal coaching education. This was a great experience from start to finish, complete with interesting and challenging course content, thought-provoking and engaging theory discussions, and lots of collaboration, lateral learning and camaraderie among the attendees and staff.”

— Christopher H. (USA)

TOVO Training

develop intelligent footballers

TOVO is based on Total Football, played and taught by Johan Cruyff throughout his brilliant career. A style where eleven players contribute systematically to both offense and defense, players utilizing divergent and convergent thinking to create and execute solutions. This can only take place when the brain recognizes patterns and possibilities at game-pace. TOVO Training methodology promotes a logical progression of exercises that directly construct the conditions under which you will need to perform. This learner-based program uses pattern recognition and geometric forms to simplify the complexity of the game and teach players the secrets to greater vision, precision and pace.

Each exercise within our training portfolio is designed to help players find solutions to the challenges presented by opponents.

Our Learning Model


Our courses are dynamic, innovative and practical programs. Every aspect of the program is designed to promote the participant as the protagonist of the learning journey.

Balancing theory and practice, we engage coaches in programs that will challenge assumptions and inspire innovation. We use an action-learning model to ensure that each coach is proactively able to deliver an effective and purposeful program to his or her own players. We consider all coaches as capable colleagues who contribute to a positive and productive conversation about youth development.

T1 Course Description

T1: Introduction to TOVO Training Methodology, The Architecture of Intelligent Fútbol Training

TOVO Training provides coaches a new architecture for developing talent. This course presents an innovative approach to maximizing our players’ intelligence and provides participants with useful strategies to develop footballers of great cognition, competence and character.

On-line Education
The on-line portion of the program is the first step toward understanding the basic elements of our TOVO Training Method:

T1-01     Legacy of a Legend
T1-02     The Argument for Innovation
T1-03     5/1 Framework for Talent Development
T1-04     Geo-Cognitive Paradigm
T1-05     TOVO Footballer 3C Model
T1-06     TOVO Module Review

On-Site Workshops
We engage coaches in an interactive workshop to prepare them for the transition from theory to practice.

T1-07     Cognitive Development
T1-08     TOVO Training Formula
T1-09     TOVO Training Wheel
T1-10     Geometric Patterns, Principles & Systems

On-Field Training
Putting theory into practice requires coaches to get on the field. Instruction on the field will demand that coaches participate fully in the training exercises and instruction.

T1-11     Rondos
T1-12     Movement
T1-13     Position Play
T1-14     Training Games
T1-15     I Skills
T1-16     System of Play
T1-17     Principles of Play

“This course was by far the best coaching course I had ever done. The content and the training facilities and the location are second to none.”

— Gary M. (Republic of Ireland)