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Zilani Mutinda

Inspiration Online

There are some students that make your day. They are so eloquent in summing up everything you are trying to convey through teaching. One of our youngest online students has provided us profound wisdom.

“I perceive space on the canvas first before I start planning. I then use my paint brushes to express myself. TOVO taught me to think space first and then to use my paintbrushes – dribbles, passes, shooting, etc. to express myself. I may just paint a masterpiece.” – Zilani Mutinda

Todd Beane, Founder of TOVO, comments, “We ask our student-athletes to connect the ideas we present to the lives they lead. Zilani has done this brilliantly. She has harmonized art and football in ways that very few envision. Absolutely wonderful, to be honest.”

Zilani goes on to explain that her “dream is to be someone who gets better and better than the person/footballer they were yesterday.”

There is no doubt this young woman has a passion for learning that will serve her well on a journey to extraordinary. Both in art and on the pitch, we wish her well.

Thanks for the inspiration, Zilani.


Rebecca Vallespinosa

How can I help my child succeed?

We all want our children to lead fulfilling and healthy lives. TOVO parents are no different. Watching your child follow their passion is beyond satisfying. It is sensational. That is what it feels like to have a child attend TOVO Academy Barcelona.

But what is it specifically about this program that changes lives in such a profound and meaningful way? Rebecca Valpinosa, mother to Joe Dale, shares her perspective.

“Thank you to Todd, Oscar, Monica and all the TOVO family for a very warm welcoming to Sitges. The culture of TOVO Masia is centered and peaceful and an exceptional place for the players to thrive. Thank you for all the TLC to each student athlete. The futbol realm of Sitges is bliss also and I am so thankful for the fields, beach, and walks and ‘family friendship’ these athletes are experiencing here. Best wishes to TOVO actives and alums; time very well spent-priceless.” comments Rebecca after her visit this term.

Todd Beane, Founder of TOVO Academy, adds, “I am a parent of six children and my primary responsibility is to nurture the holistic development of each child. TOVO provides me many more children to care for in the way I would want any coach or educator to do so. We built this program to be remarkable. We built this program to change lives. We built this program to be that defining moment in a child’s life that he or she will remember forever. We have built a TOVO Family. I could not be more proud of these student-athletes.”

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Luke Swann

TOVO Alumni Thrives at Williams College

Luke Swann, an alumni of the TOVO Train Abroad Program, has continued his journey to extraordinary at Williams College in Massachusetts. As a freshmen, Luke made the Williams College men’s team.

“TOVO is a great program that helped me bring my game to another level. The TOVO staff not only helped me grow as a player but as a person as well. During my time in Spain, TOVO also gave me the opportunity to successfully pursue a challenging academic course load remotely. Thanks to Todd Beane and the wonderful TOVO staff, I am now a student-athlete at Williams College,” reflects Luke.

“Luke took on a challenge by committing to  Williams College, a remarkable institution with high academic and athletic expectations. This is no surprise to anyone who knows this fine young man. He is kind, disciplined and eager to learn. Luke came to TOVO with gaps in his game and trained diligently to leave Barcelona a more complete footballer. We are tremendously proud of him,” contributes Todd Beane.


Sara White

TOVO Parent Viewpoint

We are proud to highlight TOVO parents as part of our E-news series. We begin with Sara, mother of Chloe, who returns to Fall Term after a wonderful experience at the Train Abroad Program previously.

“Obviously our experiences have been extremely positive from the beautiful location and wonderful coaches and caretakers. We consider our TOVO contacts forever family and will continue to visit Sitges and keep in touch with you all throughout our lives.”

“Chloe came home more mature, more independent and made life long friends. As far as soccer, we could see the change right away with our long stay there. TOVO training helped her see the game better and understand that is was not about the ball but about space, timing and movement,” shares Sara.

Todd Beane comments, “We are fortunate to have parents committed to the holistic development of their child. It is not easy to send your teenager to Europe and to trust the process. Sara is one of those positive parents that realizes that TOVO is about football and so much more. We are honored to train Chloe and so pleased that Sara and Lloyd have entrusted us to care for their daughter.”

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Audrey Garlitz

TOVO Pathways: From TOVO to USDWNT

Audrey Garlitz, an alumna of the TOVO Seattle Clinic, participated in the US Deaf Women’s National Team camp.

“Attending TOVO Seattle Clinic the past three summers has provided me an opportunity to play the game with vision and off-the ball anticipation I hadn’t experienced before. I look forward to playing with other TOVO players each year because the style of play is the same for all players regardless of where they’re from. The expectation of cognition, competence and character on and off the pitch for every TOVO player elevates the team environment, bringing together a diverse mix of players who, by the end of the week, consider each other family.

Training with Todd Beane, his staff, and other TOVO players helped me attend the US Deaf Women’s National Training Camp for the first time this past August with confidence and excitement. I was the youngest player at USDWNT training camp and it was my first time playing with and competing against college, semi-professional, and national players. Like TOVO, the USDWNT environment was instant family. Playing with other deaf players like me and sharing similar experiences and struggles that typical hearing teammates don’t encounter (like not hearing a whistle for a dead ball, not hearing coaches/players calling my name for a sub, or not hearing incidental conversations) made me feel like part of a team. TOVO was a natural fit for me adjusting to playing in silence at the USDWNT training camp in terms of keeping my head up, looking for and finding space, and making decisions before receiving the ball,” said Audrey.

“Audrey is first and foremost a remarkable and  respectful young woman. On the field, she is that player every coach enjoys as she shows up eager to learn and willing to apply herself completely. We are remarkably proud of her and she deserves every bit of success she will find on and off the field,” comments Todd Beane


Cali Bruce

TOVO Pathways: From TOVO to NCAA

Cali Bruce, an alumna of the TOVO Train Abroad Program, has joined the squad of Emerson College in Boston and shares her perspective with us.

“My experience at TOVO was inexplicably extraordinary. I was implanted into a completely new culture, with completely new people, and no idea about the massive changes that I would soon undergo both in terms of my athletic and soccer ability, as well as regarding who I was as a person and a member of the TOVO family. The coaching staff opened my eyes to a new way to see the game. I became more intelligent, thoughtful, and purposeful with my play each and every day, and I could truly feel myself growing. I felt so much more effective when I competed, and in turn, I felt empowered to be able to accomplish whatever was going to come my way with my soccer experience when I was to return home.

Going into Emerson, I felt massively confident. TOVO helped give me the ability to dominate my environment not only technically, but mentally as well. With the help I had received for two months from Todd and all of the coaches, I knew that even if I wasn’t the most talented technical player on the field, I could still command the game with my thoughts and purposeful actions. So far, I’ve been fitting in great with my team and have started every match here at Emerson, and I genuinely believe that without my TOVO experience, I would not be in the positive position I am today.” reflects Cali.

“We are so proud of Cali. Yes, she matured as a footballer. However, more importantly she found the power within herself to take charge of her life in a proactive and positive way,” remarks Todd Beane.

Cali Emerson Photo

Oscar Jorquera

TOVO Staff Announcement:

Oscar Jorquera joins our coaching staff at TOVO Academy Barcelona. Oscar brings a wealth of experience having spent the last decade coaching at La Masia of FC Barcelona.

“I grew up admiring the football of Johan Cruyff at FC Barcelona. That football inspired me and when I became a coach, I decided to follow that philosophy. I had the opportunity to implement those ideas at the highest levels. Joining TOVO and this remarkable football family now allows me to share this philosophy with players from around the world,” comments Oscar.

“Oscar is a remarkable coach. Not many youth players have the privilege of working with a coach who has trained top talents at FC Barcelona. TOVO players have that opportunity. He breathes the football we love and is such a positive leader on the field,” reflects Todd Beane.

Oscar will be responsible for implementing training sessions at TOVO’s Train Abroad programs as well as work with Todd Beane to refine the TOVO Methodology.


Michal Beran

TOVO to the Czech Republic Top Flight:

TOVO Academy Barcelona is excited to share another success story. Michal Beran has signed a pro contract with the FC Slovan Liberec who plays in the Fortuna Liga, the top tier in the Czech Republic.

“We are so proud of Michal as he takes on the challenges of professional football in Europe. Michal came to TOVO eager to learn and willing to train hard each and every session. He is quick in thought and in action which makes him an asset to any team. There is something magical about this TOVO Family and we are all delighted by Michal’s success,” comments Todd Beane.

“TOVO is a great football academy full of kind people. Todd Beane brought my football to a higher level. Thanks to TOVO I became a better player. Now I am able to pursue my dream as a profesional player.” shares Michal.


Claire Winter

TOVO Pathways: From TOVO to NWSL

TOVO Academy Barcelona is excited to share another success story. Claire Winter has signed a pro contract with the Houston Dash. Having participated in the TOVO Train Abroad Program, Claire stayed on to play one season with Espanyol in Barcelona. She has returned to the States to realize her dream of playing in the NWSL.

“Claire has earned the reward of a pro contract at Houston Dash. Her journey included an intense training program with TOVO paving a pathway to join the pro club Espanyol in Barcelona. She has a fighting spirit and a passion for the game. Claire is TOVO family and always will be. We wish her all the best in Texas and beyond,” shares Todd Beane.

“It has been over a year now since I attended the winter semester at TOVO and I am still implementing everything Todd has taught me. I see the game in a whole new way which has recently been noticed back in the US. After starting my professional career in Spain, playing for Espanyol, I just signed a contract with the Houston Dash in the NWSL. I could not be more thankful for the opportunity I received and I know TOVO was a huge part of my success. I always knew that I wanted to come back to play professionally in the states. TOVO prepared me for the speed of play in the professional league and has largely improved my decision making on and off the ball. TOVO has increased my soccer intelligence level in ways I never thought possible.” reflects Claire.


Bradley Bordner and Joey Carol

TOVO Pathways: From TOVO to DA

TOVO Academy Barcelona has become a sensational springboard for footballers. There are moments in a player’s development where a change of environment leads to remarkable leaps forward. These fine young men only needed to play more intelligently and to understand the game more profoundly. With that new game intelligence, they both have returned home better athletes.

“Joey has demonstrated that full commitment pays off in so many ways. Bradley learned that controlling one’s success is a direct result of controlling one’s own performance. We are so proud of both Joey and Bradley for earning DA spots in North Carolina. They deserve this reward,” comments Todd Beane.

“Six months at TOVO did wonders for me, not only as a soccer player but also as a person. TOVO helped shape me into the player and person that I am today, and arguably is a significant reason why I’ve been accepted onto the Charlotte Independence U16/17 Developmental Academy team. Now, this is in part due to how TOVO trained me to be a player that perceives and conceives of options before even receiving the ball, using my brain to simplify even further an already simple game. This was crucial to excelling at tryouts, putting myself above even those who may have more technical ability than I do. Just as important as my play, is my actions outside of the run of play, actions that drew specific attention on the part of the coaches. Actions of kindness, generosity, and support even of those against whom I was competing, actions TOVO helped me realize are what will get one far in life. Above all else, I will forever be thankful to TOVO and my time in Sitges, for helping me to appreciate and reinforce some of the life-long habits that successful people apply to all aspects of life.” Joey went on to say after his acceptance into the Charlotte Independence DA.

Bradley said “For me TOVO wasn’t about playing over on the Mediterranean Sea in beautiful Sitges, Spain, although it was a big plus. It was about learning a different more capable style of football, that would allow me to play with incredible awareness and intellect. TOVO instilled a completely different view of football in me, that I plan to use the rest of my soccer career. Todd and the rest of the TOVO staff are like an extended family to me, one that will continue to guide me along the way to achieving my football goals.”


Jago Godden

TOVO Pro Pathways: New Zealand Style

TOVO’s Train Abroad program continues to inspire remarkable success in teenagers from around the globe. Today, we would like to congratulate Jago Godden who returned to New Zealand from Barcelona to earn a spot in the Wellington Phoenix FC Pro Academy. The commitment required a move from his hometown near Christchurch to pursue his dream.

“Jago is a popular young man at TOVO, having been to train with us several times. In addition to being a wonderfully respectful young man, Jago is a skillful player. Jago is a lean player with little physical advantage in his favor as of today. He will mature physically, of course, in time. Thus, we worked with him on exploiting space quickly with vision and precision and to his credit he has become a unique playmaker. Wellington has made a fine choice in selecting him and we trust that Jago will excel in New Zealand,” comments Todd Beane.

“TOVO taught me to think beyond the basics of football and gave me the ability to become a better overall player. I learned to scan and think faster which gave me extra time to play on the ball.” said Jago regarding his time at TOVO.


Sandor Pelle

From TOVO to the Ivy League

We are proud to announce yet another TOVO player has paved a remarkable pathway forward as a student-athlete. Sandor Pelle, recently named the ECNL Southwest Conference Player of the Year, is committed to Yale University of the Ivy League.

“Sandor came to TOVO eager to learn. He trained diligently and was open to every idea we presented. He has applied the TOVO Principles of Play back home with great success.  He is an excellent example of the pathway options open to ambitious student-athletes. We are so proud of him and wish him well at Yale,” comments Todd Beane.

“Todd Beane and the TOVO Academy completely redesigned my way of thinking on and off the pitch. I learned how to make the smartest, most efficient decisions and gained the confidence to make those decisions without hesitation. I learned how best to maximize my physical and mental strengths in order to combat and improve my weaknesses. Above all, I made lifelong friends, family, and connections that I wouldn’t trade for the world. The TOVO Academy provides anyone and everyone with the amazing experience that is essential in reaching their next level. Still, 2 years later, I step on the field with Beane’s voice in my head and try to hold myself to the standards of Total Football.” reflects Sandor.


Jack Caldwell

TOVO Academy GAP Year as a Springboard to College Soccer

Like most high school seniors Jack Caldwell was mapping out his future. While others chose to sign for colleges, Jack signed for TOVO Academy Barcelona where he would spend a post-graduate gap year training and preparing for college life.

That decision proved to be a fruitful one. We are pleased to announce that Jack Caldwell has signed to attend Loyola University Maryland to play D1 Soccer for the Patriot League Regular Season Champions.

“Jack is a wonderful young man. He responded well to the demands of TOVO Training and left Barcelona a more intelligent player and a more mature leader. We are delighted to see him advance to the collegiate level. His decision to immerse himself in a foreign culture will support his development through university and beyond,” comments Todd Beane.

Dan Caldwell, Jack’s father adds, “Jack is very excited for this opportunity and appreciative of his year of training and fine-tuning at TOVO Academy.”

TOVO Academy Barcelona offers a transformational Train Abroad Program for ambitious and dedicated teenagers eager to play the game with vision and precision. While not all players will make it to a D1 university like Jack, we do believe that all players can play intelligently and become inspired global citizens.

Jack Herman

Journey to Extraordinary Series: Pathway to Europe

Jack Herman is a determined young man.

Jack wanted more and decided to challenge himself beyond the DA system. He opted to attend our Train Abroad Program in order to dig deeper into an innovative training methodology.

“So many kids dream of training in Europe. We set up TOVO Academy as a private “Masia” for those players. To test yourself in Barcelona takes courage and Jack has been rewarded greatly for that ambition,” comments Todd Beane.

Jack trained intensively in a way that very few players ever will. He was exposed to a manner of training that challenged him to understand the game profoundly and to execute his decisions flawlessly. He studied Spanish daily and coupled that language program with an online high school program from the United States.

“For the six months that I trained with TOVO my level of play raised exponentially. Todd has become my close mentor and demanded only the best of me.  TOVO gave me the opportunity to start my dream to play in Europe!” Jack comments on his experience at TOVO Academy.

During his time in Spain Jack trained with two top clubs in Barcelona and both were impressed. He now knows what the standard is and looks forward to return to train with CF Gava. We wish him well on his journey to extraordinary Catalan style. 

TOVO Academy Barcelona offers a transformational Train Abroad Program for ambitious teenagers eager to play the game with vision and precision. While not all players will transition to European clubs, all players will play more intelligently and become inspired global citizens.

Hayden Sargis

Journey to Extraordinary Series: Train Abroad Program to Pro Soccer

We are proud to announce that Hayden Sargis has signed a professional academy contract with the Sacramento Republic of the USL Championship. Hayden joined us from California as an ambitious teenager looking to hone his skills and expand his understanding of the game. To his credit, he has trained hard to deserve this honor as a teenager.

“We enjoyed Hayden so much here at TOVO as he demonstrated a competitive spirit and a willingness to learn. We are so proud of him and are confident that he will step up to meet the demands of a professional soccer program,” shares Todd Beane, founder of TOVO Academy Barcelona.

Hayden, in reflecting about his train abroad program states, “The whole TOVO staff was amazing. The program was a great learning experience and helped mold me into the player that I am today.”

TOVO Academy Barcelona offers a transformational Train Abroad Program for ambitious and dedicated teenagers eager to play the game with vision and precision. While not all players will make it to the professional ranks like Hayden, we do believe that all players can play intelligently and become inspired global citizens.

Johnny Reynolds

Residence Player to Join Pro Club

We are proud to announce that Johnny Reynolds will be signing with ADO Den Haag in Holland. Johnny joined us from Seattle and spent six months training at TOVO Academy Barcelona. As a result of his commitment to learning and his passion for the game, Johnny has earned a remarkable opportunity to play professional football in Europe.

“Of course I am proud of what Johnny has accomplished on the pitch, but if I am honest, I am more delighted with the way he matured as a young man while living with us,” comments Todd Beane.

“I am excited for the next step. I’m the one who needs to thank you Todd because without your guidance and support, not to mention how much you have taught me about the game, I wouldn’t be in the situation I am, playing the game we both love,” Johnny shares.

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