TOVO Academy – Journey To Extraordinary

TOVO Academy Barcelona

Journey to extraordinary

Educating Athletes and Coaches Worldwide

TOVO Academy Barcelona

A Footballer’s Paradise
The best way to develop talent is to immerse student-athletes in a culture that lives and breathes football so passionately. To embrace a new culture, a new language, a new way of training is to embrace learning in its entirety. Our players train, learn and excel in a way that very few student-athletes experience. This immersion program will change them forever.

Train Abroad

  • Extended Immersion
  • European Pro Coaches
  • Innovative Methodology
  • Masia Style Living
  • Cultural Events & Tours
  • Pathway Counseling

Team Visit

  • One Week Training
  • European Pro Coaches
  • 3C Methodology
  • Villa Accommodations
  • Mediterranean Culture
  • Talent Workshops

Train USA

  • Offered by TOVO Institute
  • European Pro Coaches
  • Intensive Training
  • Cognitive Development
  • 2PAR Process
  • Talent Workshops

Rethink Talent Development

How many of us cling to the common, when common sense asks us to think differently? When we need to redesign our approach do we? When we are encouraged to rethink our craft, will we?

A Catalan Home

Family Style Living
The TOVO Villa is a “masia style” home where players live, eat, and train together. Our den mother takes loving care of our athletes. Our chef nourishes them. We will guide and support all players every step of the way. Each participant will feel welcome in this new home away from home and build friendships that will last a lifetime.

Innovative Training

TOVO Training is intelligent football training designed to develop players of great cognition, competence and character. Unlike traditional training, TOVO is based upon sound pedagogical practices that encourage players to seek effective solutions with vision, precision, and pace. A proven program for professional academies and youth teams worldwide, TOVO will help you rethink and redesign talent development.