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Summer 2024 Residential Camp

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“Todd has clear ideas and presents them in a way people enjoy and understand.”  – Johan Cruyff
This book will help you lead with vision and precision. It is a practical guide to delivering dynamic training programs, but the lessons serve anyone working with young people.  Based on his experience working at the highest levels of professional sport worldwide, Beane shares a 4 Step Clear Coaching Process to drive development.

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We have redesigned talent development for the benefit of players worldwide. The results are sensational. Our players excel at clubs, in college and beyond.

Alumni Profiles


Washington, USA
“In the three months I lived in Sitges I created so many friendships that will last a lifetime. I enjoyed playing with footballers who shared the same passion for the sport. TOVO is my second family and I am grateful to have been able to experience life in Spain and to play the game I love with so much support.”

Maronne joined us from Seattle and has been dedicated to learning the TOVO Principles of Play which have enhanced her vision, precision and pace. She trained intensively and demonstrated such progress that she earned an invitation to train at the world famous `La Masia ́ training facility of FC Barcelona. We were confident that she would meet the high demands and to her credit, Maronne took full advantage of this remarkable opportunity.

After leaving TOVO, Maronne attended the University of San Diego where she played NCAA Division 1 soccer.


Washington, USA
“This program changed my life. As a result of TOVO I am on my way to start a pro career in Holland. Todd Beane is a football genius. I have learned to see the game in a way that no other coach has shown me in my 19 years as a soccer player.  The TOVO staff is a collection of knowledgeable, kind, and qualified people. The program offered me a disciplined lifestyle that supported my development as a player with the right sleeping habits, eating habits, and training habits.” 

Johnny joined us from Seattle and spent six months training at TOVO Academy Barcelona. As a result of his commitment to learning and his passion for the game, Johnny has earned a remarkable opportunity to play professional football in Europe.

After leaving TOVO, Johnny signed a professional contract with ADO Den Haag in Holland.


Arizona, USA
“TOVO is not only the place where I drastically improved my caliber of play, but also an extraordinary site for development as a human being. In addition to becoming a smarter, more intuitive player, the joy, creativity with which I play now is directly attributable to my time with TOVO and the people there. Never have I felt so at home in a place that is not my home, with people that are not directly my family.”

Sandor came to us from Sacramento Republic eager to take his game to the next level. A swift and capable player, Sandor needed to work in his decision-making and his ability to take full advantage of the best option before him. He fully embraced every training and made the type of commitment required to maximize his potential. A good student and a wonderful young man, Sandor continues to connect with his TOVO family worldwide.

After leaving TOVO, Sandor attended Yale University of the Ivy League.


Regina, Canada
“At TOVO, I felt that I became part of a family and a culture that I had not experienced before. Not only did I receive individual and group training and assessment, a tutor was on site to assist with my schooling as well. Above all, I gained a level of confidence in my ability, and I felt that I matured hugely as an individual. As a result, I was able to perform at my highest level and have been selected to play for the Mount Allison University Men’s Soccer team. To put it simply, TOVO cares. Thank you for caring for me and helping me be the best that I can be.”

Cody understood the limitations of developing himself as a soccer player in central Canada. He was motivated to see that game differently, to play the game more intelligently, and to reap the benefits of a full immersion in Spain. We guided Cody through a rigorous program so that he could realize his full potential. He is a remarkable young man and we have not doubt that he will bring to Mount Allison a maturity rarely seen in young players.

After leaving TOVO our Canadian “Big Man” attended the prestigious Mount Allison University.